This is a concept movie of The Tokyo Treasure Islands Project that aims to showcase the enchanting jewels of 11 unique islands such as wonderful scenery, local specialties and their culture and publicize it broadly.
In cooperation with a specified non-profit corporation Nature Service  https://www.natureservice.jp/

Unforgettable Treasures Await You.

A Tokyo surrounded by the waters of the Pacific.
So near, and yet so far.
Eleven islands polished to perfection by ocean currents and the passage of time.

Do you want to know and understand more? To enhance your sensibilities?
Do you take delight in discovering and enjoying unique things and experiences?
If you’re looking to enrich yourself in such ways, Tokyo Treasure Islands await you.

Enjoy the natural environment, cultural climate, local specialties, the flow of time and, of course, the people of these 11 unique islands, each with its own distinguishing features and stories shaped by remarkable histories. The singular adventures and discoveries offered by the islands are sure to become unforgettable treasures that will make life that much more meaningful.

A precious time for you to discover. A precious time for you to discover yourself.
Make Tokyo Treasure Islands a part of your life.