3rd Island Meeting Held on Chichijima

Trees in the dense subtropical forests of Chichijima (©Susumu'Bovie'Fukasawa)

The Tokyo Treasure Islands Project is a project which aims to refine the Tokyo's islands brands through "Shima-Kaigi" (Island Meetings) with residents. This report covers the third Chichijima island meeting held on September 17.

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Organizing various action ideas

The third island meeting was held by connecting the Ogasawara Village Office meeting room with the secretariat in Tokyo via video conference. First, all the participants reviewed the Chichijima brand concept that was put together in the previous meetings.

The theme for the day was to come up with ideas in line with "action = initiatives." The discussion moved forward using the participants' action ideas that were collected prior to the meeting, documents created by the moderator after analyzing each idea and scoring them in terms of their feasibility, and flowcharts that display their relevance.

Focusing on creating "a tool that collects and communicates information"

Action ideas ranged from creating tourism apps that use current location and GPS functions so users can find directions to sightseeing spots and dining establishments, as well as ideas unique to Chichijima that are conscious of the natural environment such as advocating for environmental conservation by creating postcards using material to exterminate foreign species, environmental preservation programs that teach ecosystem, and an ocean pollution point exchange where visitors can earn points by bringing back trash in the ocean to their lodges and exchanging them for souvenirs. There were participants who researched similar content and even inquired with relevant agencies to identify problems in their ideas for this discussion. As the discussion delved deeper, so did the consideration for a detailed action idea.

Of the ideas, the Ogasawara Passport, which involves issuing a booklet that comes with a commemorative stamp upon the arrival and departure to and from Ogasawara, garnered attention. The proposer of the idea suggested the possibility of adding the points from the trash collection, a tourism QR code, and maps into the passport. The moderator said, "There is a possibility of expanding the idea by taking in other ideas and connecting them."

Making the Chichijima action more meaningful with the study tour

After the discussions, the high-priority action ideas were narrowed down to three; ① information collection and communication tools (passport/app) ② strengthening ecological initiatives within the island and ③ preservation programs that teach ecosystem.

For the study tour next session, the moderator suggested that the proposers of the three ideas become leaders of the tour. The participants agreed unanimously. The plan is to collect and organize the opinions of the participants with a focus on the leaders to decide on a destination.

As the meetings progress, the ideas raised in the Chichijima island meetings have become gradually more detailed. Expectations are high for the fourth meeting as well.