3rd Island Meeting Held on Toshima

Camellia on Toshima. During the Edo period, camellia oil was used to pay taxes to the feudal government.

The Tokyo Treasure Islands Project is a project which aims to refine the Tokyo's islands brands through "Shima-Kaigi" (Island Meetings) with residents. This report covers the third Toshima island meeting held on October 9.

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Searching for Toshima's action plans by combining existing elements

The discussion for the third island meeting began with the two goals of considering action ideas that embody Toshima's branding and deciding on a destination for the study tour in autumn.

Since action plans don't appear out of thin air, the moderator proposed combining existing elements as a way of coming up with ideas.

The participants began thinking of action plans by using information introduced by initiatives in other regions, such as regional antenna shops, regional trading companies that wholesale ingredients to famous restaurants, as well as dining establishments that use local ingredients.

Use connections to let others know about the island if it lacks a catchy appeal

The first idea that was raised during the presentations that followed was a dining establishment that allows patrons to enjoy interacting with Toshima's products.

In response to the idea of Toshimaya, an establishment that communicates the appeal of Toshima by providing entrees that use ingredients produced in Toshima and allows patrons to understand the greatness of the island through connections, participants said that it would make it easier to communicate the appeal of the island even to those who feel hesitant about travelling to islands and how it would be great if residents born in the island living in downtown Tokyo could communicate the appeal of the island using the establishment as a base.

New ideas on raising awareness about Toshima and camellia

The next idea focused on camellia oil. Behind the idea of providing what could be a new experience by using camellia oil to instantly stimulate the five senses is the urgent issue of Toshima lacking recognition among Tokyo's islands.

Other ideas that were raised included limiting the sale and communication of products such as camellia oil to a store the size of a small tobacco kiosk and pursuing the culinary uses of camellia oil, which makes up only 5% of the total manufacturing purposes.

The meeting ended with participants using their ideas and proposing candidate destinations for the study tour, such as dining establishments that communicate local ingredients in the region, establishments whose sales method and new product developments can be used as references, as well as antenna shops that focus on promoting a single product.

Participant Daiki Kato said, "There are many challenges, but I would like to continue promoting the appeal of Toshima through the island meeting and the projects that follow. I will enjoy participating in the next island meeting."

Next time, the participants will embark on a study tour to gather hints in order to embody the ideas raised during this session.